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Strain 216 -- Forest Grove, OR

This is my massively cute baby snake, Ferdinand. I have pictures of him eating, if anyone is interested. I don't want to "gross out" the populace by posting them, but I think he looks cool when he's eating. And, of course, he looks adorable when he's done.

Technically, he's not mine. I did buy him, but I used biology club funds. Therefore, he stays at school :-( I miss my Ferdie. I'm looking forward to visiting school just so I can play with him. I'm upset that he's going to grow up while I'm in the Netherlands. I definately want to have a snake as a pet when I move off to grad school -- perhaps I can buy bio club a new snake and take Ferdie with me.

His name is the only thing my co-president Andrew did during his term in office. Andrew really wanted to name him Killer, which I vetoed. He then suggested Ferdinand. It stuck. His full name is Ferdinand J. Snakes.