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- Curious could be my middle name -

I partially designed the banner with a photo from Vandervelden Court at Pacific University. K of Silver Beetle also helped out. The headshot is from an experiment done at Eaton's Internet Cafe with a school friend.

I'm currently living in Minnesota and working at a nature center. I love my job; I get paid to play with kids, go snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, etc, get in the mud, teach people about nature, and just generally have a good time.

I am a biologist, but I have varied interests. My greatest aspiration is to be a true jack-of-all-trades; you never know when you'll need a random piece of information on how to wire a sound system or analyze motives for a war.

I really enjoy photography and writing -- if I weren't going into biology, I would want to work for a magazine (like Nat'l Geographic or Newsweek) or do nature/wildlife photography. Heck, there's still chance that I'll do that.

In biology, I've worked for the Beaverton School District (lead a science club) and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (fish biologist). I'm currently looking at more structured teaching, either as a professor or as a classroom teacher. And more nature center work is always an option.

My other careers have included working at sports stadiums (in Seattle -- I managed a lemonade stand, then I vended lemonade, cotton candy, etc), being a leatherworker (I made belts and pouches and one beautiful, basic knife sheath), babysitting (both for "normal" -- if you could call them that -- kids and one autistic one), tech support (at my uni), washing dishes (for some woman's New Year's Eve party -- that was a short-lived career), hawking CDs on Ebay, and working at a motel as the assistant manager/front desk/laundry. I'm always up for new challenges.

I've lived in Iowa, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, and Minnesota, and I've been to almost all of the fifty states. I've also been to Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, England, Wales, France, Korea, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Canada (but not in that order).


travel, animals, canoeing, biology, hiking, reading, writing, photography, baseball, poetry, vending